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Reach Over 100,000 People for Only $1 Per Day

If you have a small business, chances are that your advertising budget is not enormous. Those without a marketing department (and that’s most of us!) might be at a loss for how to properly get the word out about their businesses when word-of-mouth isn’t keeping the appointment book filled to capacity. Newspaper ads can be pricey, and, let’s face it, with smartphones, tablets and laptops, how many people read the classified section of the newspaper, anyway? Trade magazines offer good advertising potential, but again, they tend to be expensive. Radio and television ads can be effective, along with being high in price. What’s a small business owner to do?   Did you know that for only a dollar, you can reach as many as 4,000 Facebook users? That means that over a month’s time, you have the possibility of showing over 100,000 people your ad, all for a mere $30. […]

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