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Defeating Procrastination: Stop Putting Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Right Now

Are you a procrastinator? If you tend to put things off until they can’t possibly be put off a moment longer, then the label might fit. If your motto is, “I work best under pressure,” then yes, you probably have a bit of a procrastination problem. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are particularly prone to putting things off, because there are just so many things to do, many of the equally important. When piles of paperwork or deadlines are staring you in the face, it’s very tempting to tune them out by trying to beat your best score on Bejeweled Blitz or stalking your old high school sweetheart on Facebook. Unfortunately, these activities, as you know, are not going to take the pressure off for more than the time you devote to them. The good news is that the tendency to procrastinate can be overcome, and it doesn’t even have […]

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