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Viral Content…. Good Luck!

What do Grumpy Cat, Gangnam Style, and laptop-shooting dad Tommy Jordan have in common? You know about them. And the reason that you know about them is that they were featured in memes or videos that went viral. Unlike computer viruses and viral pneumonia, viral content is something that you actually want to catch! Your blog or website might be humming along, attracting a fairly steady number of readers each day, until, bam! You post some type of original content that “goes viral.” Within a day or two, you’re getting record-high numbers of hits, and from then on, if you’re lucky, your daily traffic will be higher than it was before you were discovered, so to speak. So, if creating viral content were as easy as it looks, everyone would be doing it. The fact is that no one can really predict ahead of time what will be forwarded, shared, […]

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